Pirates of the Caribbean: Secrets of the Lamp – Official Trailer

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The first official trailer of our fan film arrived!
Cap'n Jack Sparrow (Adam Slemmer) returns fer another adventure. Angelica (Alexandra Juhasz), Jack an' the British fleet commander Robert Maynard (Vazul Magyar) enter a ruinous race fer the powers o' the Secret Lamp. Eventually, they 'ave to face an adversary ne'er e'er dreamed o'… Be they willin' to sacrifice all fer the treasure?

Our fan film, the Secrets o' the Lamp fits in the franchise seamlessly. We started making this movie because we are huge fans of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise, and currently we are working with nearly 70 people on it.

We would like to say Thank you for the love, passion and support for all of our crewmembers.

Special thanks for the voice actors! We can't be grateful enough! You are phenomenals:

Jack Sparrow – Sam Noland – https://www.tiktok.com/@nolandsam?lang=en
Angelica – Isabel Salazar – www.isabel-salazar.com
Mr. Gibbs – David Levitsky
Robert Maynard – Martin Whiskinvo – martinwhiskin.co.uk
Old Pirate – Chuck Brown
British Lord – Stephen Dalton – https://stephendaltonvo.com/
Rod Glenn, Gergo Rabakozi

All copyright belongs to their respective owners.

♫"Hoist The Colours" Lyrics by Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio
Music by Hans Zimmer and Gore Verbinski Pirates of The Caribbean Themes
by Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt
Cover Arranged & Orchestrated by Samuel Kim Vocals by Colm R. McGuinness

♫ Music by Colossal Trailer Music Composer: Jean Georges Felix Nicolas & Salvador Casais Track: Shiver Me Timbers Album: Drowning Abyss 2

All rights belong to the Walt Disney Company, our goal with this project is not to earn any money, we just love this theme and we would like to make something cool for the fans like us.